Activisers' approach to helping businesses incubate early-stage opportunities is really exciting, and Rob is one of the leading practitioners of Discovery Driven Planning in Europe today. If you want to enable your company to build profitable new business lines in innovative directions, you really should talk to these guys. 

- Alexander Van Putten, The Wharton School, author of Unlocking Opportunities for Growth (FT Press, 2008)

Who We Are

Pushing beyond smart strategic planning

We are an independent consultancy of action-oriented strategists and incorporating a network of specialists.

Our focus is on pushing beyond smart strategic planning and helping our clients take meaningful action in the market.

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What We Do

We forge a safe path into the unknown

A strategic plan’s most exciting initiatives are often the most uncertain. We work with executive teams to de-risk these projects, whether that’s growing into new markets or offerings, or making fundamental operational change happen.

Working With Us

Ensuring you enjoy sustained benefits

We aim to keep our assignments shorter and sharper, with a clear picture of how and what kind of impact our clients need to realise. 

From one or two day workshop through to intensive, months-long projects - we will help you, then leave you to continue helping yourself.

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Rob Spencer, Director

Rob has spent the majority of his 20+ year career devising and executing strategy for some of the world’s foremost logistics organisations. As Head of European Strategy at the world’s leading supply chain equipment pooling company, CHEP, Rob drove innovation in new product development, service provision and customer experience across the FMCG supply chain. Prior to this, he established the global innovation program for $6bn multinational logistics giant Brambles*, creating a healthy innovation pipeline of product, service and operational innovations and fostering a corporate culture of business experimentation and exploration.

With an abiding passion for innovating within the food and FMCG supply chain to drive positive social outcomes, Rob also acted as Head of Strategy for the UK’s leading charitable food distribution organisation, FareShare. He oversaw the refresh of FareShare’s long term growth strategy, targeting a tenfold increase in food redistribution volumes to those in need in the UK over 5 years.

* Rob’s efforts at Brambles are documented in Rita Gunther McGrath’s book, The End of Competitive Advantage (2013, Harvard Business Review Press)